Liceo Artistico Statale "Guido Montauti" - Teramo

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Last update: 21 June 2003

School details


HeadMaster Loredana Di Giampaolo


Via Diaz, 30

64100 Teramo


Nearest large towns: Pescara 60 Km; Rome 180 Km




+39 -0861 - 250922 

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Type of School or College:

Secondary instruction; Mixed sex/co-educational; urban

Language of instruction:


Foreign language courses:


Internet Facilities:

Email; WWW

Existing school or college partnership:



We are an Italian school called Liceo Artistico Statale of TERAMO (*).

The age of our students is between 14 and 18 years. The courses are divided in two main branches: Academy (graphic arts) and Architecture (civil engineering design). In average, about 30% of our students continue their studies at the University. The courses last 4 years. The fifth year (“study integration”) is optional. The school degree allows to be employed by an architecture design or graphic arts lab, or by a publishing company. It is also possible to perform professional art activity. Besides the main language (Italian) there are also English courses. At the end of the courses, each year, we organise an exhibition of all the projects made by the students. During the year we also organise many art activities in collaboration with professional studies, artists and public administration structures.


(*) Teramo is a town situated in the centre of Italy about 25 kilometres far from the East Coast and 180 Kilometres far from ROME.

Teramo has ancient roman monuments (a theatre and an anphytheatre) and residential settlements remains dating up to 3000 years ago. About ten kilometers far from Teramo is the Gran Sasso-Laga National Park with the highest mount of Appennini (Gran Sasso d’Italia – 2912 m). This mountain hosts the Europe’s southernmost glacier. The Gran Sasso is crossed by a double motorway tunnel having the length of 10 Km. Protected by its mass, under 1500 meters of rock thickness, a modern Nuclear Physics Laboratory is located, where scientists from all over the world carry out experiments.

Project details

Type of project sought:

Class project; multimedia; penfriends (e-mail); penfriends (postal); pupil exchange; whole school partnership;

Target Groups:

Ages 17-18;

Project Areas:

Arts; Computing (ICT); crafts; dance; design; environment; equal opportunities; history; literature; media; modern languages; music; sports; job experience;

Preferred partner language:

English; French; Spanish

Preferred partner location:

Europe - E.U.;